Art Framing

Framing options

Do you want us to do the hard work for you?

There is nothing worse than having to hit the shops to find a frame for your art. You want that gorgeous piece of fun on your wall, NOW!

Let us give you the full package.
Its so easy! Select your print, select the framing options and if you want to go the whole way get the adhesive strips.

The products in this package have been carefully selected, Trust me. I have spent literally years buying art and trying to hang it. Frames are VERY expensive and VERY heavy. I lost count of the number of times that I have hung a piece above my baby or kids’ bed then freaked out about it falling off the wall and killing them! I take it down, move the piece and start the process all over
again, Sound familiar? Also heavy frames need to be properly hung with TOOLS and someone who knows what they are doing with a hammer or drill (not me)

After years of ripping holes in my walls (don’t tell Ted) trying to hang pieces myself I came across the brilliant frame selection at trusty IKEA and I have never looked back.

  • Light weight
  • Easy to hang
  • Child safe
  • Simple modern design

One of the best things about these frames...they are so light that adhesive strips are the perfect choice to hang them with. Plus they are removable so perfect for peeps in rentals or those of us (me) who are constantly changing things up.

Go on, go all in! Art + frame + adhesive strips = done and on your wall in literally minutes.