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Bringing a sense of fun and whimsy

The best bits of our childhoods are the things we can look back on, and remember vividly, even when our skin loses its springyness and our haircuts are terribly sensible. It could be something as simple as a curly wurly shoelace, or that one time you wore a temporary tattoo of a dragon and it made you feel invincible!

We all have these stand-out moments burned into our memories, and that’s the gift Little Fish Co. gives to all our little customers. The magical power of play and imagination is all around us, and we’re glad to be along for the ride…

A bit about our fearless leader

Hi, I'm Amanda. I've been working on this idea for a long time now – to inspire tiny humans just like mine (and yours) to play and grow and imagine.

As a buyer and a product developer by trade, I have a keen sense of what people actually want and why (who knew it wasn’t Colgate Kitchen Entrees, circa 1982). Frustrated with products that were unimaginative, too gender-specific or not age-appropriate, I decided to get to work. Filling the missing link in where cool kid stuff should go, I set about bringing together a collection of unique kids products that are in no way ‘samey’, built to last, look and feel great and are completely affordable.

I am dedicated to helping Australian families find alternatives to mass-produced disposable chain store lines that are generally poor quality and not that great environmentally.

The Little Fish Co. Difference

Little Fish Co. offers seriously cool, super fun designs that will inspire your kiddos to be themselves. If we’re doing our jobs right (which, of course we are) we create stuff to capture that epic, joyful, freeing feeling of being a kid (and if we catch you trying on a cape or two, well, that’s ok too).

Your tiny one should get to boldly be whoever they are without being stuck with pastel pink and baby blue (there’s a whole rainbow out there, baby!). Our unique kids products are on-trend and affordable and put a smile on that dial, no matter what your age is.

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