• Seahorse Cushion 40cm-Little Fish Co.
  • Seahorse Cushion 40cm-Little Fish Co.

Seahorse Cushion 40cm

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Designed by Eastern American designer Suzy Ultman, Suzy Ultman likes to observe the world and put his childhood imagination on illustration design. The author's owl and Russian doll patterns have become popular trends in the American children's painting industry in recent years.

★Product Features
-100% bio cotton cotton production (a method of planting organic cotton: bio-organic cotton prohibits the use of toxic and non-biodegradable chemical synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. This will not further contaminate soil and groundwater, and prohibit the use of genetically modified biological.
- Use qualified environmentally friendly dyes that do not contain hazardous substances
- Soft and fluffy material, perfect for cushions or pillows on the bed

★Product specifications
-Material: Fine weave twill
- Size: 40 x 22 x 10 cm
- Dutch design, origin China

★Washing method
- gentle hand wash below 30 degrees
- Do not immerse in water or detergent for a long time
- Do not use chlorine bleach cleaners
- Do not tumble dry
- Please dry in a dry and ventilated place